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16 August 2023 Current Affair In English Questions

Aug 16, 2023   |   16 August 2023 Current Affair In English, August 2023 Current Affair In English, Current Affair In English,

16 August 2023 Current Affair In English Questions:-

Q 1. Which state has recently announced the opening of 'CSP Plus' banking outlets?

Ans- Odisha.

Q 2. Recently a resolution against 'UCC' has been unanimously passed in the assembly of which state?

Ans- Kerala.

Q 3. Which state government has recently dissolved all the local government bodies?

Ans- Punjab.

Q 4. In which district of Jammu and Kashmir has the first post office been inaugurated recently?

Ans- Kupwara.

Q 5. In which state 'Mapping Tibet Exhibition' has been organized recently?

Ans- Himachal Pradesh.

Q 6. Which country has topped the recently released Annual Grief Index of Hacks?

Ans- Zimbabwe

Q 7. Recently Indian Railways has handed over 20 brand gauge locomotives to which country?

Ans- Bangladesh

Q 8. Recently Saurabh Ganguly has become the tourism brand ambassador of which state?

Ans- Tripura

Q 9. Recently joint naval exercise 'Chatogram' has started between Bangladesh and which country?

Ans- America

Q 10. Recently which bank has started live video chat and web chat for its customers?

Ans- Bank of Baroda

Q 11. What is the name of the first Indian space-based observatory designed to study the Sun?

Ans- Aditya-L1

Q 12. On August 15, 2023, India celebrated its ____ Independence Day.

Ans- 77th

Q 13. Who founded the famous social service organization Sulabh International?

Ans- Bindeshwar Pathak

Q 14. According to which calendar is the Parsi New Year celebrated?

Ans- Imperial Calendar

Q 15. Recently India's first post office near LOC has been inaugurated in which district of Jammu and Kashmir?

Ans- Kupwara

Q 16. Recently which state government has banned the use of mobile phones in classrooms?

Ans- Delhi

Q 17. Who has recently launched Luna 25 mission to the Moon?

Ans- Russia

Q 18. Recently who has been appointed as MD & CEO of SBI Life

Ans- Amit Jhingran

Q 19. Recently the Central Government has notified Manjusha Deshpande as the judge of which High Court?

Ans- Bombay high court

Q 20. Recently which country's capital has become the world's most polluted capital?

Ans- Indonesia

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