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26 August 2023 Current Affair In English Questions

Aug 26, 2023   |   26 August 2023 Current Affair In English, August 2023 Current Affair In English, Current Affair In English,

26 August 2023 Current Affair In English Questions:-

Q 1. Chandrayaan-3 is the follow up mission of?

Ans- Chandrayaan-2

Q 2. What has been included in Chandrayaan-3?

Ans- Lander and Rover configuration

Q 3. When was Chandrayaan-3 launched by India?

Ans- 14 July 2023

Q 4. Where to land Chandrayaan-3?

Ans- South Pole of the Moon

Q 5. Chandrayaan-3 was launched from which rocket?

Ans- LVM3- M4

Q 6. From where was Chandrayaan-3 launched by LVM-3?

Ans- Sriharikota

Q 7. After traveling for how many days, Chandrayaan-3 will land near the South Pole of the Moon?

Ans- About 45 to 50 days

Q 8. What is the objective of Chandrayaan-3 mission?

Ans- To better understand the composition of the Moon

Q 9. What is the name of the lander of Mission Chandrayaan-3?

Ans- Vikram

Q 10. What is the name of the rover of Mission Chandrayaan-3?

Ans- Pragyan

Q 11. Who is the chairman of ISRO at present?

Ans- S Somnath

Q 12. What is the name of the main engine for Chandrayaan-3?

Ans- CE – 20 Cryogenic Engine

Q 13. What is the name of the theme of Mission Chandrayaan-3?

Ans-  'Science of the moon'

Q 14. If there is a soft landing of the lander at the South Pole, then India will become which country in the world to reach the South Pole?

Ans- First

Q 15. What was there in Chandrayaan-2?

Ans- Lander, Rover and Orbiter

Q 16. What is not designed for Chandrayaan-3?

Ans- Orbiter

Q 17. What has been used instead of Orbiter in Chandrayaan-3?

Ans- Indigenous Propulsion Module

Q 18. When has the 'International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism' been celebrated recently?

Ans- 21 August

Q 19. Recently, where has the Tulip Garden been included in the World Book of Records?

Ans- Srinagar

Q 20. Recently which state government will organize 'Pro Govinda' competition on Janmashtami?

Ans- Maharashtra

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